How Can I Keep My Teeth Straight After Braces?

You’re probably excited to show off your smile now that you’re finished with your adult braces treatment. However, your treatment isn’t over yet, as you still need to put in a little effort to maintain the results. Braces do most of the hard work of aligning your teeth and bite, but the work can be … Continued

How Straight Teeth Can Change Your Life

So, you’ve decided you want to have straight teeth. You’re looking at braces as an option to help you achieve your goal. But what will getting this result do for you? Here are ways that getting those perfect-looking teeth can change your life. It Can Help You With Your Personal Life When you have crooked … Continued

5 Questions to Ask at Your Child’s First Dental Service Appointment

Your child’s first dental service appointment is a great time to get your questions answered. Asking the right questions can help you to improve your child’s dental health at home. Here are five questions you should ask at your child’s first dental service visit. What Are Some Foods To Avoid To Prevent Cavities? Nutrition is … Continued

How Long Should You Expect to Be Wearing Your Braces?

Braces are most often used in cases of misaligned teeth, but they can be used to correct a number of other orthodontic problems including overbites and underbites. Of course, every orthodontic treatment is different, and the length of time it takes to treat one kind of dental concern may differ from another. That being said, … Continued

Medicare for Denture Preparation

Question: I am 73 years old. I keep seeing a newspaper advertisement from a Colorado dentist that says that I can use up to $10,000 of my Medicare coverage for oral surgery to prepare me for dentures. Before I drive 100 miles to see this doctor, can you verify his ad? Answer: I called a … Continued

Infection from Cavities

Question: Two years ago my son had eight cavities in the back of his mouth. We were referred by his dentist to see a pediatric dentist who would put him to sleep in order to fill the cavities. However, I never followed up with the referral. Today, I had to take my son back to … Continued

Extra tooth

Question: My 5-year-old daughter has an impacted, extra tooth in the front part of her upper teeth. Her dentist said that this can cause problems when her permanent upper teeth start to erupt. What kind of problems can we expect? Answer: A recent study found that almost 25% of patients with mesiodens, an extra tooth … Continued

Orthodontic Sales

Question: I went to an orthodontic office because they were having a sale. When I said I needed time to think about starting treatment and signing a long-term contract, I endured 10 minutes of “used car salesman” pressure to start treatment that very minute. Do other orthodontic offices put such pressure on patients to begin … Continued

Braces Retention

Question: My orthodontist “jacked up my teeth” because they moved when I did not wear my retainers. Can you fix my problem? Answer: It can be frustrating when you notice your teeth shift after orthodontic treatment. However, this was not caused by your orthodontist. Not wearing your retainer resulted in your teeth moving. If I … Continued

Smile Arc Protection

Question: My daughter just finished treatment with you, and I love her wide smile. I was concerned about how high you placed braces, but I trusted your explanation. Her brother was treated by another orthodontist who placed brackets a lot lower. His smile is just ok. It’s not wide, and it looks flat compared to … Continued