3 Common Orthodontic Services

Posted on June 21, 2022

Your smile is one of your most important features. Unfortunately, there are several dental issues that can cause you to become a bit self-conscious about your smile. For instance, if you have crooked teeth, you may not want to show your smile that often. The good thing is there are several orthodontic services that can correct crooked teeth.

Top Orthodontic Services You Should Consider:

1. Braces

This is probably the most common orthodontic service globally. Most people go through their childhood wearing braces. Even now, braces remain the most common method of fixing tooth misalignment. Unlike in the past, nowadays, there are several options for braces available. However, the treatment time remains pretty much the same. According to Healthline, the average time needed for brace treatment is about two years. The advantage of braces is that they can fix even the most complicated orthodontic issues and keep them fixed for the long term.

2. Retainers

These are removable appliances that are recommended in patients who have already undergone realignment treatments. The purpose of retainers is to maintain the new shape and arrangement of teeth. Retainers are worn at all times to keep your bite corrected. There are several types of retainers, and the ones you wear depend on the treatment you’ve had and the issues that remain. For instance, you can get banded or bonded retainers that are glued to the back of your teeth to preserve the correct placement of one or several teeth. You can also get clear retainers that you can wear overnight and remove during the day.

3. Preventive orthodontics

While most people are familiar with corrective orthodontic services, the majority are not aware that orthodontics can also be used as a preventative measure. Preventative orthodontics includes procedures that stop the development of dental crookedness issues and improper bites by maintaining the normal development of teeth. This is usually an option for children. It is recommended that every child have their first orthodontic visit before the age of seven to find out if there are any issues that can lead to teeth crookedness later on.

It’s important to do everything you can to maintain a bright and beautiful smile, but orthodontic services is also here to help. If you are having problems with your teeth, you can choose from several treatment options like traces, retainers, and recently introduced methods. Contact the orthodontic professionals at Four Corners Orthodontics & Dental to schedule your free orthodontic consultation toay!