The Difference in Orthodontists

Question: My dentist sent me to an orthodontist who wanted to extract teeth or use a palatal expander to correct my daughter’s crowding. He said treatment would take 2 1/2 years. My daughter just finished treatment with you, and her smile looks fantastic. There were no extractions, no palatal expander, and treatment lasted 20 months…. Read more »

Customer Service

Question: Your office is known for great customer service. How do you accomplish this at such a consistent level? Answer: My staff and I take providing outstanding customer service very seriously. We have minimal staff turn-over, which has allowed us to develop a team with advanced customer service skills. My staff is aware that our… Read more »

Gum Recession

Question: Do braces cause gum recession? Answer: A recent study concluded they do not. However, there are other factors to consider. If a tooth is impacted (stuck in the bone under the gums) or severely out of position, it is difficult to predict how the bone will respond to tooth movement. By far, the main… Read more »

Patient Transformations

Question: I was using Facebook to look for an orthodontist and saw the before and after patient photos on your page. The transformations are extraordinary! I noticed most of the orthodontists in our area don’t highlight patient results on their pages. The only practice beside yours that had before and after photos had pretty average… Read more »

Treatment Without Bone Screws

Question: I went to an orthodontist who labeled himself as “premier.” He put screws in my 8-year-old son’s bone to help make room for his teeth, but I had them removed since my son could not tolerate the pain. Now, you are treating my son without bone screws. Why did my son need this to… Read more »

Cleft Lip and Palate

Question: My daughter has a cleft lip (CL) and cleft palate (CP). I was told by her team of doctors in Albuquerque to take her to you because your method of treatment eliminates the need for major upper jaw surgery. Is this true? Answer: Yes, I have been able to eliminate the need for a… Read more »

Extraordinary Results

Question: I saw on your practice Facebook page some nice before and after results of orthodontic patients. I see your practice features a new patient every week. I researched other orthodontists in the area and did not see any before and after results. Why don’t others post these images? Answer: While I cannot speak for… Read more »

Fruit Juice Facts

Question: My mother-in-law takes care of my 9-month old son during the day and gives him fruit juice to drink. I told her juice is not good for him. Am I right? Answer: Yes, the American Dental Association (ADA) reports that although fruit juices have some benefits, they also have potential harmful effects as well…. Read more »

Results from Dr. Herman

Question: I’ve noticed most of your advertising activities are about patient results. Why? Answer: For most new patients, the prospect of looking better is what motivates him or her to seek orthodontic treatment. I publish actual results of my patients to show the public how the smiles that I achieve differ from smiles of other… Read more »

Your Questions Answered

Question: What information can I get if I call your office? Answer: Our office is unique in the fact that my staff is prepared to answer any of your questions via phone Monday through Friday, 8:45 am until 6:15 pm. You can also utilize my 24/7 chat line on my website or Facebook page. My… Read more »