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Braces Aren’t Just For Teenagers Anymore

As adults, we invest in ourselves in a variety of ways. If we dislike the way we look, we seek a personal trainer who will help us lose weight or eat better. When we want to get ahead in our careers, we read business books or take seminars that help us to understand new concepts. … Continued

Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted with the Pitts 21 System

Right now, over 4 million people are wearing braces in the United States, per the American Association of Orthodontists. This includes adult braces. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, you deserve a smile that makes you happy. That brings up a question. Which type of braces should you get? There are many types … Continued

Don’t Skimp on Orthodontics, It Might Just Save Your Teeth

If you don’t have the straight, white teeth that you desire, don’t despair. Many people want what you want, but don’t know how to get it. Instead, they continue their bad habits that further damage their teeth, like eating sugar, smoking, drinking excessive coffee, and not taking care of their teeth. In fact, by the … Continued

Improve Your Smile Now with Top Orthodontic Services

There are many reasons why people need braces. Of course, one of the obvious reasons is they have crooked teeth. The second reason, coming in behind aesthetics, is bite issues. Having aligned teeth can help people of all ages speak correctly, have a better bite, and improve overall oral health. All it takes is a … Continued

4 Myths and Misconceptions About Orthodontics You Need to Drop

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) points out that there are some four million Americans wearing braces today. To many Americans, orthodontic treatment seems like a straightforward process. You find an orthodontic clinic to fit you with same-day braces, wear them for a year and a half, and that’s it! You have straight teeth to … Continued

Revolutionary Braces Deliver Gorgeous Smiles

Adults represent 20% of orthodontic patients ready to get braces annually. That percentage is only growing with revolutionary technology making it easier to get braces. Have you already tried to have your teeth straightened and the results were subpar? Do you still need to have your teeth fixed so they are beautifully aligned? It sounds … Continued

Why Braces Are A Great Investment

When people think of the word “braces” in relation to teeth, they tend to see only the cosmetic side that orthodontics is known for. Bright, wide smiles that help people light up whatever room they walk into. Having a great smile is nothing to laugh at, considering that first impressions are so important in our … Continued

How Braces Can Change Your Life (Without Destroying Your Wallet)

When you go to the dentist, you’re looking for information about the proper health care for your teeth. But when you go to an orthodontist, you’re concerned about the appearance and shape of your teeth in your mouth. Many people don’t know the difference and think that orthodontists are only there to treat customers for … Continued

Here Are 5 Oral and Physical Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Even though you may feel like wearing braces for two years is a burden, this orthodontic treatment has many advantages. Braces can help address issues with teeth alignment to bring out a bright and confident smile. Remember that having straight teeth has many benefits besides aesthetics. Protrusions and misalignments can have adverse effects on your … Continued

Braces 101: How To Take Care of Your Braces

Only a few individuals are lucky enough to be born with an ideal set of teeth. In fact, one in every three adults is not confident about their smile. Misaligned teeth can hurt your self-image as well as bring a host of other dental issues. However, braces can provide lasting solutions to your crooked teeth. … Continued