why us

Why Us


At Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental, our goal is to provide quality orthodontic care.

Practice Features

  • Results matter! Our before and after photos show the amazing transformations that come with orthodontic treatment at our office.
  • We use the innovative Pitts 21 System of Braces. Learn more about the system here.
  • We are able to treat most patients without pulling any teeth and can frequently avoid surgery.
  • We accept most insurances including NM and CO Medicaid.
  • We offer affordable monthly payments, $189/month or lower.
  • We offer a low down payment of $200 or lower.
  • Our treatment is known throughout the Four Corners to create wide, beautiful smiles
  • We offer in-house dental cleanings, so it’s more convenient on your schedule!
dr herman

Patient Benefits

"I had been told by multiple dentists and orthodontists that I would have to have surgery to correct my bite. Dr. Herman said the opposite, it has been a year and there is a HUGE difference. I’m amazed, him and his team are so kind and just awesome!" - D.W.

"They really work out and balance your payments." - B.T.

"It’s only been a couple months and I’m already satisfied with my new smile." - M.R.

"The service provided by the staff is always exceptional. Myself and children have gone through this orthodontics for the last 5 years and they provide feedback on each visit." - T.T.

"Four Corners Orthodontics does an excellent job at explaining everything. They work hard to make people comfortable." - C.K.

"Amazing service, always willing to help out customers, they are so helpful in working around your schedule and always so understanding." - M.A.

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Are you a former patient? Call today and ask about your Loyalty Rewards!

WE MAKE Your Life Easier

No referrals are needed for complimentary consultations or complimentary second opinions!

  • New patients do not need a referral to the office for a complimentary consultation nor a second opinion.

Opportunities to Save

  • For many years, Four Corners has had a very popular Loyalty Reward Program for families along with a Patient Referral Program. This gives our patients the ability to save money towards treatment fees, as they can participate in one or both programs. Our staff can explain both programs in the initial exam.
  • We also occasionally offer special promotions due to special occasions or celebrations. These discounts are rare and for a limited time only.

Dr. Herman

dr herman

Dr. Herman is Recognized by His Peers to be at a Master Level in Using The Pitts 21 System Of Braces.

What others say is impossible to achieve, Dr. Herman makes possible.

Dr. Herman makes the impossible, possible in the following ways:
  • Extractions: We rarely need to extract teeth for the best patient results.
  • Expanders: We never use uncomfortable and painful expanders on any patient to widen their jaw.
  • Jaw surgery: Many patients who were told that they needed jaw surgery are treated successfully without any surgery.
  • Wide, beautiful smiles: Dr. Herman’s patients are known throughout the Four Corners area for their wide, beautiful smiles.
  • Postponing or reversing the aging process in adults: Our adult patients are known for looking younger after treatment. Adults expect to look 5-7 years after treatment.
How are you different from other orthodontists?
  • When compared, our quality patient results stand out in a crowd.
  • Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental has had exceptional customer service for 25 years.
  • Our staff is dedicated to making the patient and parent experience both positive and comfortable.
  • We value our patients’ trust to provide the ultimate best care and outcomes possible.
  • The quality of our care and treatment outcomes continues to remain outstanding, and patients receive the care they deserve at reasonable fees.
  • Our ten-year staff turnover is well below industry norm.

About Dr. Herman

Hi! My name is Kelcey and I’ve been part of Dr. Herman’s team for over 16 years now. Let me tell you a little bit about the Dr. Herman I know… I’ve worked for orthodontists in the past and can tell you that there is no place like Dr. Herman’s office or Dr. Herman! The entire staff and I truly love coming to work every day! Dr. Herman has created an environment that's upbeat, friendly, and full of energy! The minute I met Dr. Herman; I knew he lived to create amazing, wide smiles for all of his patients! His passion for orthodontics is contagious (as well as his sense of humor)! You will see it on our team - we are all smiles!

Dr. Herman grew up in Santa Clara, California near San Francisco. He went to San Jose State in California where he wrestled for 4 years. He still loves the sport and coached young wrestlers at local schools for 40 years. Dr. Herman went to dental school at Emory University in Atlanta and then did a 2 year Dental General Practice Residency at Gallup Indian Medical Center. A few years later he was off to a 3 year Orthodontic Residency at the University of North Carolina. When you come to the office you will notice he is a big Carolina Tar Heel fan!

Dr. Herman and his wife Mary fell in love with the Four Corners in the 80s and decided to make it their home. Mary and Dr. Herman have been married for 46 years and have two grown and married sons with two granddaughters! Mary is a big part of what makes the office so great! She makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed! Dr. Herman and Mary are so down to earth and easy to talk to – you will see why so many patients all over the Four Corners choose to make the drive to Dr. Herman’s office! I’m proud to work for Dr. Herman because he goes out of his way to make every patient feel great and proud to show off their smile! I can assure you that you will feel comfortable the minute you walk through our doors! That’s what I love most about working with Dr. Herman – every patient we meet becomes part of our Four Corners family.

- Kelcey Rightmire, Office Manager

Meet Our Team

Our Staff Experience Creates a Patient-Focused Environment

Dr. Herman’s highly trained staff has been with him for many years. Dr. Herman’s team is recognized by many orthodontists as one of the best trained staff in the use of the Pitts 21 System of braces in the nation. Our staff is known for consistently creating a positive, comfortable experience for patients.

herman ortho team

Patients of the Week

September 2023


"Kambree is beautiful and confident as she rapidly progresses through her senior year at Farmington H.S.- Congratulations!"

Dr. Herman

September 2023


"Following the Pitts System protocol of “Smile Arc Protection” I am provided the opportunity to drastically change the size and shape of a person's smile. Lizeth's eyes were smiling before, but now her eyes and beautiful smile match perfectly!"

Dr. Herman

August 2023


August 2023


"Using the Pitts System of Braces creates a wider 12 tooth smile versus the traditional braces smaller 6 tooth smile. The impact of wide smiles on a patient like Jayden’s face is remarkable."

Dr. Herman

August 2023


"When I meet with parents of a child or teen, I discuss with them that I am treating my growing patients with the adult face in mind."

Dr. Herman

August 2023


"WOW, what a great new beautiful smile!"

Dr. Herman

July 2023


"Laura just finished her treatment and is a great example of how much more attractive a 12 tooth smile is than the traditional 6 tooth smile."

Dr. Herman

April 2023


"Cameron finished treatment as an early teenager. I treated him without extracting any teeth! I also customized his smile to make it wide enough to fit his future adult size face. "

Dr. Herman

March 2023


"Casey's results are remarkable and his bite (occlusion) now passes the “pizza test”!"

Dr. Herman

March 2023


"Jude’s before and after photos show how great early treatment works to correct both an underbite and a crossbite. The results also show an improved patient’s facial appearance."

Dr. Herman