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Why Us

There are tons of reasons to choose Dr. Herman’s office for braces and dental care. We’ve been the office Four Corners families have trusted for 18 years! The high-tech H-4 system of braces, affordable monthly payments, no credit check, amazing smiles without tooth extractions and a fun upbeat environment a just a few reasons, but nobody tells our story better than our patients. Here’s why Jenni chose to get braces at Four Corners Orthodontics & Dental.

About Me

Hi! My name is Jenni, and I was a patient of Dr. Herman. I’ve been an aerobics instructor for 6 years. I’m married with two cute kids. This is my story.

This is Mostly a Story about Trust!

For a long time, I wanted to get the smile I’ve always wanted, the smile I deserved.

I first met Dr. Herman at the gym. At the time, I was doing boot camp classes with his wife, Mary! After getting to know them, I considered orthodontic treatment, but as a mom of two, I didn’t think I had the time or the money. It wasn’t a priority, and to be honest, I was scared.

I kind of hate dentists. I’ve had some bad experiences with dentists I had some trust issues with. After spending lots of money on painful procedures I later found out were unnecessary, I was done with terrible dental office experiences. There was no way I was going through orthodontic treatment. But Dr. Herman seemed different, and I had to find out why.

I called Dr. Herman’s office first, and I wanted all of my questions answered before I came in for an appointment. “It depends” answers on the phone wouldn’t sit well with me. I needed to know what treatment would cost me before I came in for an appointment. When I called, the staff member gave me an actual cost to start braces and an accurate picture of my monthly fees! When I called other offices to ask about cost, they could not give me a picture of my fees. I instantly knew I liked the openness of Dr. Herman’s staff, and I loved that they could answer all of my questions on the phone.

Free Consultation and My Initial Experience

When I first walked into Dr. Herman’s office, I couldn’t believe how excited the staff was to see me. The staff exclaimed “She’s here! We’ve been waiting for her to come!” The energy in this office was insane! I felt like they wanted me here, and I knew they were here to help me.

Can an Orthodontic Visit be Called Fun?

I became instantly obsessed with the office environment. The 10 flat screen TVs surrounding the office played music videos—everything from oldies to country to current artists—and it blew me away. This office was HIGH ENERGY! And I liked it. I’m outgoing, and I’d never seen a health care office that fit my personality like this one.

At Dr. Herman’s, I learned he and his staff elevate the patient experience to a level I haven’t found anywhere else. This team didn’t seem like just an orthodontic staff. They’re passion to help treat patients was unmatched. I could tell they want their patients to enjoy the office as much as they do.

Lingering Questions

Even though I knew I loved the office staff and atmosphere, I still had many questions about treatment, especially about having teeth removed.

I knew that Dr. Herman was known for helping patients get wide smiles without taking out teeth. At my consultation I wanted proof that this could be achieved for me. Dr. Herman showed me before and after photos of patients who had problems similar to mine. My trust level continued to climb that I was choosing the best orthodontist.

Value Added Surprises: Dental Exam , Cleanings and the Patient Appreciation Programs

I loved learning that I could get my teeth cleaned at my orthodontic appointment and that Dr. Herman’s hygiene team would even remove my wires to give me a better cleaning.

I learned about his Frequent Smile Miles Program, and that as a loyal patient of Dr. Herman’s, I would automatically get a credit to put toward another contract! This was great news for me, since I have a husband and two kids, and we could surely take advantage of this program.

Dr. Herman also told me about his Referral Program, and I learned I could get a credit for one month’s treatment fee if a friend starts treatment. Believe me, I was ready to tell all my friends!

I knew I had to start treatment here. I realized Four Corners Orthodontics isn’t just an orthodontic office. It’s a community. A community where people with high expectations feel at home.

Outstanding Results

When I finished treatment, I couldn’t believe the results! It’s a decision I haven’t regretted.


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I love my wide beautiful smile from Dr. Herman!

- Dominique

Nobody Tells our Story Better than You!


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