Treatment Without Bone Screws

Posted on October 17, 2017


I went to an orthodontist who labeled himself as “premier.” He put screws in my 8-year-old son’s bone to help make room for his teeth, but I had them removed since my son could not tolerate the pain. Now, you are treating my son without bone screws. Why did my son need this to begin with?


I am not a fan of bone screws, also known as TADs. There are necessary reasons for using TADs, but to make room for teeth makes little sense to me. If you receive a treatment plan from any orthodontist that involves the invasive procedures of TADs, extraction of teeth or palatal expanders, I recommend you get a second opinion from me. I will provide you with a treatment plan with none of these procedures. Please visit my website, Herman4Braces, to see my results and chat 24/7 with one of my staff.