4 Qualities to Look For in an Excellent Orthodontist

Posted on November 22, 2022

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 4 million Americans are currently wearing braces. If you’re part of this number, you need a qualified orthodontist to ensure your treatment is successful. When looking for an orthodontist, don’t just focus on the services they offer. Consider other factors, such as the following four qualities to look out for in an excellent orthodontist, before making a final decision.

1. Great Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is always a positive orthodontist trait. Make sure your prospective orthodontist is attentive and forthcoming with information when you ask them questions. An excellent orthodontist’s practical experience has taught them to set aside their preconceived notions of a patient’s problem. They arrive at a final diagnosis of teeth after discussions with patients in addition to their professional expertise.

2. Passion for Work

Performing the same procedures on a daily basis can get boring. Considering that orthodontic care is a long-term commitment, you don’t want to be stuck with an orthodontist who acts as though they would rather be somewhere else other than working to rectify your dental issues. A good orthodontist doesn’t just care about the bottom line. They’re passionate and enthusiastic about their job. They’ll be interested in knowing how each patient is fairing and insist on routine follow-ups to track progress. A great orthodontist finds satisfaction in your success and always seeks to deliver the best results.

3. Creativity

Orthodontic treatment often involves restoring smiles and enhancing a patient’s appearance. A creative orthodontist doesn’t just employ treatments for dental issues because they have been proven to work. They possess a sense of artistic genius or flair, which enables them to develop precise, custom solutions in orthodontic situations where they can’t simply go by the book, which is the majority of the time.

4. Great Reviews

A good orthodontist should have positive reviews, which you can find online through a quick Google search. Note that you’ll rarely find an orthodontist with a five-star rating, which means if you find one, they are either that good, or too good to be true. Check out the comments left by patients about a prospective orthodontist to determine how satisfied other patients are with their services. If an orthodontist is great at what they do, positive reviews will, as a matter of fact, follow them.

Orthodontic care is often a long-term engagement. It has its fair share of ups and downs. Nonetheless, an excellent orthodontist can make your experience throughout the specific treatment much smoother. Give us a call today to book a consultation.