5 Signs Your Child Needs Braces

Posted on July 21, 2022

It’s never too early to think about braces for your child. Not only can braces straighten the teeth of your little one to give them a better smile in the future, but they can also boost oral health. It is recommended for your child to have an orthodontic evaluation starting at age 7 so that issues can be detected early. According to Clinical Trials, you should see your orthodontist every six to 10 weeks in the course of treatment. This will help the orthodontist determine whether your kid needs braces. But what are the common signs to check for?

Top 5 Signs Your Child Needs Braces


1. Crowded Teeth

When there isn’t enough space in your kid’s mouth, their teeth can grow too close to each other or overlap. This is known as crowding. Although this doesn’t mean your child needs braces immediately, it does mean you need to take them to an orthodontic specialist for analysis. The specialist can then recommend braces or another form of treatment to straighten their teeth.


2. Loss of Baby Teeth Early

If your kid loses their baby teeth too early or due to tooth decay, they might need braces to stop the remaining teeth from falling or moving into empty spaces while adult teeth develop. Braces keep these spaces open so that growth can proceed normally.


3. Misaligned Jaws

When your kid has jaws that don’t align, it can cause crossbites, overbites, and underbites. Misaligned jaws also mean their teeth can also be misaligned, making it hard for them to chew food. If you notice this, take them to a specialist for braces installation. If left untreated, this can become painful and more difficult to treat later on.


4. Mouth or Jaw Pain

Sometimes it’s impossible to spot dental issues if you’re not a professional, but your kid might feel them. If your kid regularly indicates oral or jaw pain, there may be an underlying problem. It’s crucial you take them to an orthodontic specialist who might prescribe braces.


5. Prolonged Thumb-Sucking

Thumb-sucking is common in children. Typically, it fades by the time they hit age five. However, if it’s prolonged, it can affect the growth of their teeth. How? Thumb-sucking adds pressure to the mouth, which can cause adult teeth to grow crookedly, changing how their jaws develop. Braces can help fix this problem and align their teeth.

It’s vital that you watch out for these signs in your kids. If you notice any of them, book an appointment at Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental for treatment.