A Brief History of Orthodontics

Posted on September 28, 2020

A Brief History of Orthodontics

Most people think that orthodontics is a modern invention. But the fact is, orthodontic services have been around for as long as dentistry has. How long have orthodontic treatment options been evolving into the modern treatment it is today? The answer is about 2,000 years. The history of Orthodontics began in ancient Greece and Rome when people started making the connection between good teeth and good health. Of course, today, modern orthodontics looks a little different — but that basic concept remains.

The Dead Were Buried with Orthodontic Appliances

Archeologists unearthed Roman tombs that date back to about 300 B.C. and found the bodies inside wore devices that were meant to straighten the teeth and keep them from collapsing. Aristotle and Hippocrates both shared ideas about devices that could straighten teeth. In one tomb, an oral device for tooth repair was found with detailed instructions on how to use it.

Orthodontia Through History

Braces have been in use for centuries to improve smiles and oral health. By the 18th century, a more modern approach to orthodontics was penned by the father of modern dentistry, Pierre Fauchard. He wrote a book about methods for straightening teeth in 1728.

The actual practice of orthodontic services separated from general dentistry in the early 1800s. The first wire braces were used in 1819, while the first elastics were used shortly thereafter in 1843. By 1901, the American Society of Orthodontia was established, later to be called the American Society of Orthodontics in the 1930s.

At one point in modern history, gold was the preferred precious metal for bracing applications. Orthodontics have continued to evolve into what it is today. Today, thanks to many advances in materials, modern technology, and focused research, braces are easier than ever to place and more comfortable than ever to wear. They also deliver results faster than ever before.

Why Do People Need Braces?

For many people throughout history, braces were used to get the aesthetic that they wanted. Braces for adults and children can straighten teeth, reposition crooked teeth, and close gaps between teeth. The second reason people get braces is to correct an overbite which can cause tension in the jaw, headaches, and more.

Whatever your reason is for getting braces in Farmington NM, the best way to get the results that you want is to choose an orthodontist that is experienced and committed to delivering amazing results. Although orthodontics is rooted in history, things have changed a lot over time. Let us show you the modern ways we can improve your smile by scheduling your free orthodontic consultation.