Adult Braces For More Than Aesthetics

Posted on June 18, 2020

Adult Braces For More Than Aesthetics

Your Kayenta orthodontist is getting more requests than ever for adult braces. More adults are taking the steps to preserve their natural teeth and straighten their smile. While most people think braces for adults is purely for aesthetics, there are many other reasons to consider braces in Farmington NM.

A bright, beautiful, straight smile is a great confidence booster, but there are elements of oral health that should also be considered when you are thinking about whether adult braces are right for you. An orthodontist is the best specialist to help you make the right choice for your oral health.

Neck Pain, Headaches? It Could be Your Teeth

Of course, your orthodontist is there to help you get a smile you can feel proud of, but that is not all the orthodontist does. Many adults that suffer from neck, jaw, facial pain, and even headaches, have discovered that having their teeth corrected has helped the problem.

Misaligned teeth can also coincide with a misaligned jaw and can put pressure on both neck and facial muscles. This pressure can cause headaches and other aches and pains. Corrective treatments at the dental office like braces can help to solve underlying issues that contribute to the problem.

Oral Hygiene

Overcrowded teeth can be a challenge to keep healthy. It can be harder to floss in between teeth and get them fully cleaned. When your teeth are aligned properly, it can also improve the health of your teeth.
Taking care of your teeth can be easier when all your teeth are in the right place. Your natural teeth are meant to last you a lifetime with proper care.

It Is Better for Your Teeth to Have Them Straightened

Misaligned teeth can spread cavities, more so than fully aligned teeth do. Cavities can spread without proper care, and misaligned teeth, because they can be overcrowded, are more at risk of spreading dental disease. Straight teeth can avoid the spread of dental disease.

Braces can be a great way to get the smile that you have always wanted and a way to improve your oral health. Take some time to learn more about braces for adults and how they can move you closer to your smile goals. Then, call our Farmington orthodontist today for a free consultation with Dr. Herman. Compare our results to others and you’ll see why we’re the orthodontist known for results in the Four Corners area.