Adult Braces: You’re Never Too Old

Posted on March 17, 2022

straight teeth

If you have a crooked smile, chances are you have thought about seeing an orthodontist get straight teeth numerous times. Maybe your dentist has warned you of the future problems you will face due to misalignment, or maybe you don’t feel confident enough with the smile you currently have. However, the truth is the stigma attached to adult braces is not what it used to be. The benefits you reap from straight teeth with adult braces, no matter how old you are, is worth the process.

Stigma From Adult Braces

Many adults avoid getting braces because they believe there is a stigma attached to them. Concerns about looking awkward or not being attractive can have serious impacts on individuals. However, if you already don’t feel confident about your smile, there is only one way to remedy it and get straight teeth. Additionally, the stigma is not as strong as it once was, with the number of adults getting orthodontic treatment increasing 24% from 1998-to 2008, according to the LA Times. It’s only grown since then. More adults realize the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Benefits From Braces As An Adult

Are you nervous about smiling? Do you feel uncomfortable looking at your smile in photos? Do you have recurrent dental problems associated with crooked teeth? Adult braces address all of these problems and eliminate the stress caused by them. You can get the smile you want and protect your mouth and teeth from cavities, gingivitis, and other issues. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 4 million Americans have braces. Don’t get left out!

You’re Never Too Old For Adult Braces

The truth is, you’re never too old to get straight teeth with adult braces. Braces have evolved over the years and there are a variety of options to treat overbites, crossbites, crowding, or whatever your problem may be. Pitts 21 braces are a good option for those concerned about comfort and length of treatment. The rounded edges mean less irritation on the inside of your mouth. They align teeth faster and are easier to clean, too. With the right orthodontist, you can get your teeth aligned in a reasonable time and get on with your life.

If you’re still looking for the right orthodontist, consider Dr. David Herman at Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental. We provide high-quality care to the community of Farmington, New Mexico. Aside from orthodontics, Dr. Herman’s office also provides dental cleaning appointments if you still need one of your bi-annual dental appointments. Call us today for straight teeth and a healthy smile!