Avoiding Extractions

Posted on March 7, 2017


When I started orthodontic treatment for crowding, I made it very clear to my orthodontist that I did not want to have any teeth extracted. Now, nine months into treatment, my doctor is telling me that I need to have some extractions. He claims he never promised me treatment without extractions, only that he would try a plan to avoid having that done. What are my options?


You can stay with your current orthodontist and get the extractions or you can get a second opinion. However, if you get a second opinion from an orthodontist using the same type of system as your current orthodontist the opinion will probably be the same; extractions. If you get a second opinion from an orthodontist well-trained in the Passive Self-Ligation Systems of Braces you may still be able to receive treatment without having any teeth extracted. I am well-trained in the H-4 Passive Self-Ligation System of Braces and I rarely remove teeth for crowding reasons.