Braces 101: How To Take Care of Your Braces

Posted on January 27, 2021

Only a few individuals are lucky enough to be born with an ideal set of teeth. In fact, one in every three adults is not confident about their smile. Misaligned teeth can hurt your self-image as well as bring a host of other dental issues. However, braces can provide lasting solutions to your crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment does more than just improve your smile and aesthetics. You get to have straight teeth, better oral health, and improved facial structure. However, you may never enjoy these benefits if you fail to take care of your braces. Here are five tips to help you take care of your braces.

1. Brush and Floss Your Teeth Regularly

Your orthodontist will inform you that braces demand a higher level of oral care throughout the treatment period. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal using an inter-ortho toothbrush. Food particles can easily get trapped between the wires, brackets, and teeth, increasing the risk of developing plaque, tartar, or cavities. Poor oral hygiene may also lead to halitosis, gingivitis, and tooth discoloration. It is also advisable to floss at least once daily. Thread carefully between the teeth to avoid damaging the brackets and wires.

2. Invest in a Fluoride Mouthwash

It is important to admit that it may be impractical to brush your teeth after every meal. In circumstances that you may not have the luxury to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or mouthwash. You can ask the dental office to recommend the best mouthwash for braces. The regular swirl around your teeth can help prevent cavities and white spots. It can also help relieve inflammation on your gums resulting from wearing the braces.

3. Watch the Food You Eat

Your orthodontist may recommend that you drop particular types of food during the treatment period. Hard foods such as nuts, corn, and chips can create excessive pressure on your brackets and wires, resulting in damage. Sticky foods, like candy, may stick between the teeth. Follow all the instructions provided by the orthodontists regarding allowable foods. You may opt to make smoothies, yogurts, and soups for the first few days.

4. Listen to the Orthodontist

It may seem more fun to play with your elastics than having them in your mouth. Headgear and mouth guards may be uncomfortable. You may have more than enough reasons to hate braces and the treatment process. However, you need to follow the orthodontist’s instructions to help you ditch the brackets and wires much quicker. Mouthguards can help prevent injuries to your teeth, cheeks, and damage to the braces as you participate in your favorite sport.

5. Honor Your Orthodontic Appointments

Throughout your orthodontic treatment period, you may need to schedule regular appointments at the dental offices. The orthodontist will inspect your teeth and ensure you remain on track according to the treatment plan. The orthodontists also tighten and adjust your brackets to achieve an ideal realignment. You may also bring in any broken braces parts for repair.

When Taking Care Of Your Braces, Effective Treatment Begins with You

Braces are excellent options to straighten your smile and improve your oral health. You may need to look after your braces with the tips above to achieve the best outcome. For more information on how to look after your braces, feel free to consult Dr. Herman at Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental.