Does Braces Treatment Differ in Children and Adults?

Posted on May 2, 2023

Braces are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. Their popularity comes from their ability to work with people of all ages. One of the questions that people often have is whether orthodontic treatment differs in children and adults. There are some differences in the treatment for children and adults when it comes to these dental devices. Here are some of those differences.

Oral Health History

One of the biggest differences in braces treatment between children and adults is the oral health implications that need to be dealt with before braces are installed. Children typically do not have a complicated dental history, so these orthodontic devices can usually be placed quickly. Unfortunately, that is not the case with adults who may have cavities, missing teeth, or gingivitis. All of these conditions need to be treated and addressed before these orthodontic devices can be placed.

Length of Treatment

According to Humana, children typically wear braces for about two years, while adults wear braces for about three to four years. Adults typically have fully developed teeth and jaw bones, whereas kids do not, which influences the treatment time. Having a fully developed jawbone and teeth makes it harder for teeth to shift. Because of this, adults typically have to wear these orthodontic devices for longer to achieve the overall results that they are going for.

However, treatment may be quicker here at Four Corners Orthodontics & Dental because of the revolutionary technology called Pitts 21. The Pitts 21 system is intended to deliver consistent results using revolutionary self-ligating bracket technology. Developed with Dr. Tom Pitts, a world-renowned clinical orthodontist, Pitts 21 improves early control of torque, tip, and rotation. The result is faster treatment time, exceptional comfort, and the best smiles.

Treatment Options

The final difference between children and adults when it comes to braces is what can be treated. Since children do not yet have a fully developed jaw, it is possible to treat an overbite or other bite issues in children. Unfortunately, this is not the case with adults. Orthodontic devices may be used to treat very mild bite issues in adults, but other treatments may be used for more serious bite problems.

While the end goal is typically the same for both children and adults, there are some key differences in the treatment process. Adults may have to fix any existing dental issues they already have, may have to wear orthodontic devices longer, and may not be able to treat as many issues when compared to children. Reach out to Four Corner Orthodontic & Dental today to learn more about braces or Pitts 21 to see if they are right for you.