Don’t Wait, Get Braces the Same Time as Your Child

Posted on August 10, 2021

Don’t Wait, Get Braces the Same Time as Your Child

Is it time for your child to get braces? Have you found yourself saying your child needs them first, or your crooked teeth can wait? In all actuality, you are setting an example for your child. They could learn from your example if you are not prioritizing your oral health. As an adult you have many options for orthodontic treatment. Among the choices are adult braces, which consist of brackets and wires, and, for some people, clear aligners.

Understand Why You Should Not Wait to Get Orthodontic Treatment

You should not set aside your own orthodontic care. Being a parent does not mean you cannot achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. That is what you want your child to do, right?

When your child needs braces, do not let that discourage you from seeing an orthodontist at the same time as them. Per patients that get braces annually, 20% are adults. Getting braces together is a spectacular experience for parents and children for many reasons. Adult teeth constantly move. The longer you wait to get braces for yourself, the more extensive your treatment becomes. Continue reading to find out how getting straight teeth with your child is a beautiful experience.

Create Similar Routines

Nothing encourages a child more than seeing their parent take good care of themselves. When both of you get braces together, you will have to create similar oral hygiene routines. Depending on the type you both get, you will have to adjust how you both clean your teeth.

The transition in cleaning habits is easier to make when your child has more moral support from you. Besides, you’re in the same boat now. Cleaning your teeth is something that can be done together after every meal so you can hold each other accountable. You will also know firsthand what type of oral hygiene products are better to use such as flossers for instance. It makes keeping teeth clean much easier.

Become More Mindful of Oral Health

When you seek orthodontic services, it shows your child you are more mindful of your oral and overall health. It is important not to wait to straighten crooked teeth. The sooner you get adult braces, the easier and shorter your treatment becomes.

By taking care of your teeth together, you are also being mindful of your child’s health. If you are undergoing treatment yourself, it will help you monitor your child’s treatment better too. Understanding the ins and outs of proper care ensures your child is taking care of their teeth accurately too.

Dietary Needs Change with Braces

Wearing braces as an adult can cause dietary changes in order to keep them in good condition. Some foods are better than others, including softer food choices after orthodontic appointments. When you are preparing softer foods for you and your child, it will also keep wires and brackets from becoming damaged.

Enjoy a Unique Bonding Experience

Going through treatment to get healthy, straight teeth together means your appointments will be easier to keep when they are scheduled together. Even if you need to take time from your child’s schooling, having a little more time together offers an opportunity for a better bonding experience. You will be making amazing memories together that you can share for a lifetime.

What Wouldn’t You Do for Your Child?

There are more than a million things you would do for your child. Setting aside your own dental health should not be one of them when you can go through the experience together. Put yourself and your child on the path to beautiful, healthy smiles by requesting a free office consultation for you both.

You can also request a free orthodontic consultation to fit your schedule better. By committing to braces for you and your child, you are on the right track. There is nothing more important than your oral health.