Comparing the H-4 System

Posted on December 27, 2016


I took my 12-year-old daughter to three different orthodontists for an evaluation on her underbite. We chose your practice because we liked your treatment plan, but why did we need to go through three different evaluations?


The recommendation plan given to you depends on the experience of the orthodontist and the system of braces he/she uses. The first orthodontist you visited wanted to take out the top teeth to relieve crowding and perform orthognathic surgery once your daughter turned 16. The second orthodontist you saw was vague on how they would correct the underbite but suggested using a palatal expander to widen the jaw and no extractions. My plan for your daughter is no extractions, no surgery, and no expander, just simply using the H-4 System of Braces. From the before and after pictures of cases similar to your daughter, choosing my practice was easy.