Here Are 5 Oral and Physical Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Even though you may feel like wearing braces for two years is a burden, this orthodontic treatment has many advantages. Braces can help address issues with teeth alignment to bring out a bright and confident smile. Remember that having straight teeth has many benefits besides aesthetics. Protrusions and misalignments can have adverse effects on your oral and physical health. Here’s how teeth alignment can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

1. Helps Prevent Gum Disease

When you have malocclusions, your teeth will create gaps for food particles to hide. Keeping your teeth free of plaque is more challenging than when your dental structure is in proper position.

The accumulation of plaque and tartar will eventually trigger gum conditions. Studies have also shown that certain oral conditions can also raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Visiting an orthodontics office to straighten your teeth will protect your dental health for the long term.

2. Helps Stop Enamel Deterioration

Misalignments place uneven pressure on different parts of your dental structure. Over time, areas under stress may begin to chip or break off. The damage weakens the enamel and leaves your teeth vulnerable to cavities.

Besides fitting adult braces, your orthodontist can provide useful information to protect your teeth from further deterioration. Children are particularly vulnerable to cavities, yet they don’t always adhere to an oral hygiene routine. A skilled professional can demystify complex procedures to help the little ones cope with their dental anxieties.

3. Helps Address Speech Problems

Teeth that are out of place can make it challenging to speak in several ways. Lisp problems can develop because of the position of the tongue to the gums and teeth.

Crooked teeth can make you feel more self-conscious, and it could have a considerable impact on your social life. Regular visits to the orthodontist can pinpoint gum issues before they cause serious complications.

4. Helps Reduce the Risk of TMJ

Crooked teeth will also stress the gums and trigger conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ can cause ear problems, migraines, stress, and dizziness. Even though the exact cause of the condition is unknown, an orthodontics professional can diagnose and recommend treatment.

TMJ can be caused by a combination of factors such as arthritis, trauma, and teeth grinding. If a dentist can detect the condition early, self-managed care can provide relief. However, at more advanced stages, your orthodontist may refer you for surgical treatment.

5. Straight Teeth can Help You Sleep Better

Malocclusions may also cause problems such as sleep apnea, bruxism, and insomnia. Depending on the diagnosis, an orthodontics professional may recommend different types of dental appliances. Braces and aligners can reposition the teeth so that the airway is open for proper breathing.

Another dental appliance is the mandibular dental split, a form of adult braces that facilitates jaw alignment. Orthodontics can also recommend suitable devices for children with bruxism. Such devices can stop further deterioration of the enamel through teeth grinding. It will also help you sleep better and be healthier for the long term.

Why You Should Visit an Orthodontist Today

The benefits of straight teeth go far beyond just achieving a beautiful smile. Straight teeth are essential in preventing gum diseases, enamel deterioration, and tooth cavities. They also reduce the risk of conditions such as TMJ and sleep apnea, which can impact your overall health. It’s a great idea to schedule a visit with an orthodontics professional early on to avoid intrusive procedures in the future.