How Braces Help With Self-Esteem

Posted on March 13, 2023


Having a healthy and beautiful smile can impact your self-esteem. For those with crooked or misaligned teeth, the thought of metal braces can be disheartening. However, taking the time to get traditional braces can give you the straighter teeth you desire, and drastically elevate your self-confidence. Read more to see how much orthodontics can help you.

Braces Are Effective

When looking into orthodontics, braces are one of the most effective treatments. Traditional braces utilize metal brackets attached to your teeth and connected with wires. They actively pull your teeth into their desired position over time. This method is proven to be incredibly effective at straightening smiles, and can sometimes be completed quickly if you keep up with regular orthodontic appointments and directions. You’ll feel happy when the braces come off and see how your teeth have improved.

Attract People With Your Smile

Having a great smile can open doors for you. Whether finding the perfect job or making new friends, being able to show off your straight teeth can help draw people in. You may even be surprised at how different people will react when they see your newfound confidence that’s enhanced by your straighter teeth.

Improve Mental Health

Having a great smile helps attract people and improve your mental health. Studies have shown that those with straighter teeth often feel better about themselves and how they look. When you feel happy about yourself, it can increase your self-confidence and even help with depression.

Prevent Tooth Decay

According to Colgate, an estimated 91% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 have at least one cavity, which indicates that proper dental care is often overlooked. With braces, not only can you get a great smile, but you can also help prevent tooth decay. When teeth overlap or have major misalignment, it can prevent proper cleaning, leading to cavities or tooth loss. Braces can help realign your teeth and give you the ability to keep them cleaner. Cleaner and whiter teeth add to a beautiful smile you’re more likely to show off.

You don’t have to live with crooked teeth any longer. Braces can help straighten your teeth for a healthier and more confident smile. When choosing an orthodontics professional, go for one that focuses on results above all else. With the right orthodontist, you will be able to have your desired smile before you know it. Contact Dr. Herman’s office today for a consultation.