How Common Are Adult Braces?

Posted on January 13, 2023

As an adult, you might be hesitant to get braces because you’re worried about what others might think of you. If you’re wondering how common adult braces are, here’s what you need to know.

How Many Adults Have Braces?

Despite what you may think, adults actually make up a large chunk of the patients who get braces every year. According to Reuters, adults account for about 20% of braces patients each year. Adults get braces to correct dental alignment issues, improve their smile, and prevent tooth pain. While braces are more common in children and adolescents, it’s never too late to get braces. Even if you’re an adult, getting braces can help you correct your smile and prevent tooth problems.

Should Adults Get Braces?

Most people with braces are young children and teenagers, so you might be wondering if there’s a downside to getting braces when you’re older. Orthodontic treatment such as braces is typically recommended at a younger age because it helps prevent dental problems that may arise during the adolescent years. While that’s true, there’s no downside to getting braces when you’re an adult. Adult braces can help correct alignment and crowding issues that can cause you pain and lead to further dental problems down the road. It’s never too late to get braces, especially if your teeth are affecting your quality of life.

Do You Need Braces?

For a lot of adults, it’s tough to decide whether braces are the right solution. If you’re not sure whether you need braces, the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with a dentist or orthodontist. A professional can take a closer look at your teeth to identify any alignment problems and decide on the best treatment. Keep in mind that some dental problems may require more than just braces to treat, so you may need to get adult braces in addition to other dental or orthodontic procedures.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re too old for braces. Adult braces are more common than you might think, and there’s nothing wrong with getting braces at an older age. In fact, you should get braces if you need them, even if you’re an adult. If you want to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile, contact us today!