Orthodontics Is for People of All Ages

Posted on July 28, 2020

Orthodontic Services Is for People of All Ages

Are you worried about your dental health? Are your teeth crooked, but you think you’re too old for orthodontic services? In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. Taking measures to straighten your teeth isn’t exclusive to younger children and teens. Adults can easily have their teeth straightened with adult braces. You just need to choose an orthodontist that focuses on results. Cheap braces aren’t always what they seem and are often produce subpar results that require fixing afterward.

Have You Heard of the Hi-Tech Pitts 21 System of Braces?

There is an advanced orthodontic treatment meant for patients of every age that we use in our office. The Hi-Tech Pitts 21 system of Braces is the next generation of braces ready to help you achieve a beautiful smile. What makes this system so special? It provides advanced low-friction and light force movement with greater control, which is healthier for your teeth during treatment. Plus, you get comfortable orthodontic services with a braces system that uses rounded edges and corners that make braces more comfortable and softer against lips. The design of the Pitts 21 system is low-profile which means they protrude less and reduce irritation.

The average time someone needs to wear braces is two years. However, orthodontic services are sped up using the Pitts 21 system. The braces have been designed to move teeth as carefully and as fast as possible. This results in fewer appointments and allows for appointment times to be shorter when compared to traditional braces. Since Pitts 21 braces operate more efficiently, you will spend less time in the orthodontic office while still getting great orthodontic service.

Get Quality Results Using Pitts 21 Braces

Since the braces for the Pitts 21 system are smaller with rounded edges, they are also easier to clean. With just a quick swish of water, most foods can be dislodged from the braces. So, when you brush your teeth, you are actually able to keep them thoroughly clean. When you are able to really focus on the hygiene of your teeth, you also get better results. Being able to have teeth moved gently yet firmly means the finished alignment leaves patients with clean, straight teeth and healthy, beautiful smiles.

Regular Dental Check-Ups and Dental Hygiene Services Are Needed for Beneficial Oral Care

Dental hygiene is essential when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime. In our office, the same team that assisted you with straightening your teeth can also provide care such as exams, cleanings, and many other dental services. Whether you need braces, have braces, or don’t need braces, all of our hygiene patients are treated with the same care, concern, and compassion by our trustworthy dental team.

Convenience Starts with Orthodontics and Dental Services Being Offered at One Location

Normally when you go to the dentist for an exam, you are referred to an orthodontic office if you need braces. Being able to stay in the same location is extremely convenient, so choose a dental office that offers both services so you don’t have to drive hours for separate treatments. It is a true relief when you can get all of your dental care from one office and make an appointment for both the same day too.

Having orthodontics and dental care under one roof is ideal for everyone. You do not have to be a dental patient to be seen by the orthodontics department and vice versa. Dental and orthodontics offices that truly care don’t judge new patients because of their dental past, or lack thereof. Giving you a bright, healthy smile is the goal so you can start to smile with joy and confidence.

Your Dental Hygiene Is Essential

Friendly orthodontic and dental offices will take time to understand your family and offer great oral care based on their personal needs. You will be given the attention needed to stay on the right track concerning healthy oral care. Call Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental to schedule your orthodontic appointment today!