Revolutionary Braces Deliver Gorgeous Smiles

Posted on March 12, 2021

Adults represent 20% of orthodontic patients ready to get braces annually. That percentage is only growing with revolutionary technology making it easier to get braces. Have you already tried to have your teeth straightened and the results were subpar? Do you still need to have your teeth fixed so they are beautifully aligned? It sounds like you need a brace lift.

Get a Signature “Brace Lift” to Improve Your Smile

A brace lift helps teens and adults get the orthodontic treatment they need when they have already tried getting their teeth straightened using a mediocre method. Orthodontic treatment is superior especially when the Pitts21 System is offered as part of the orthodontic services offered. Getting braces has many benefits including making you look younger.

What’s So Special About the Pitts21 System?

When you are looking for consistent results with the use of revolutionary, self-ligating bracket technology, the Pitts21 system is ideal. Pitts21 brackets have the tightest tolerances that make them three times more accurate than other braces. A reduced slot depth helps deliver a stunning smile in a much shorter treatment time.

Unlike traditional braces, Pitts21 has rounded, smooth edges that ensure a comfortable experience with a low-profile design that makes them protrude less, which reduces irritation. The unique ligation system creates improved control of torque and rotation. You are assured enhanced structural stability that easily gives you straight teeth.

Pitts21 braces are designed to significantly reduce treatment time. They are the first, as well as the only, aesthetic self-ligating braces system providing 3D control earlier and through treatments. Progressive slots offer an intelligent balance of freedom of movement and control for effectual sliding mechanics that provide an outstanding finish. Speak with our Farmington orthodontist to learn more about achieving a stunning smile using the Pitts21 system.

The Benefits the Pitts21 Braces System Provides Are Outstanding

Since the Pitts21 system operates extremely efficiently, treatment times are much shorter. That’s less time in the orthodontist’s office while your teeth are still being successfully straightened. Your teeth will move much faster than if you had traditional braces.

Small-sized brackets also make it much easier to keep your teeth clean. In fact, just a swish of water is capable of freeing most food from the braces. Being able to keep up with your dental hygiene easier than if you had traditional braces is a major perk. You won’t be spending all of your time trying to keep your teeth clean.

Healthy Tooth Movement Provides Quality Results

The Hi-Tech Pitts21 system ensures healthy tooth movement with complete control when it comes to the finished alignment. Once your treatment is finished, you will have straight teeth and a beautiful smile worth showing off. Get fast and friendly orthodontic treatments that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Request an office or virtual consult with our Farmington orthodontist to get started.