The Benefits of Pitts 21 Braces

Posted on January 28, 2020

straight teeth

The American Association of Orthodontists reports that in the United States, about 4 million people wear braces. Having straight teeth is important for self-esteem and a great smile. Many products on the market promise to give you straight teeth, so how do you choose? A lower-cost system may not give you the results you want and may leave you with problems that will have to be addressed at an additional cost. One effective system to consider is the Pitts 21 self-ligating system of braces.

Get Straight Teeth Faster With The Advanced Technology of the Pitts 21 System

The Pitts 21 is the only self-ligating (or self-joining) system of braces that offers 3-D control during the entire treatment process. This allows your orthodontist to better see how the braces are working on your teeth. With its square wire finish, the lighter forces required for adjustments offer more comfort and control and better slider mechanics. The progressive slot feature allows for a balance between control of teeth and healthy movement of teeth.

Patient Experience of the Pitts 21 System

In some cases, predictable finishes can be accomplished with only four wires from start to finish. This means fewer appointments, which saves time for patients and orthodontists. Because the Pitts 21 system of braces allows orthodontists to move teeth more quickly, the treatment period is usually shorter.

Patients report that the Pitts 21 system — with its smooth, rounded edges and corners — is more comfortable to wear since there are no hard edges pressing against the insides of the lips. The braces fit closer to the teeth, which also makes them more comfortable; they don’t stick out as much as traditional braces do. The size and smooth surfaces of Pitts 21 braces allow for easy dental hygiene, as well. Swishing water around in the mouth will clear away nearly all particles of food.

Quality orthodontic treatment is important — and lower-priced treatment may not offer good results. The Pitts 21 self-ligating system is a state-of-the-art system of braces that provides a more comfortable experience for the patient and excellent results in less time than traditional braces. If you’re considering Pitts 21 braces for a better smile, contact us today for a free orthodontic consultation.