There’s more to an amazing smile than just straight teeth!

Posted on September 30, 2016

Question: I always thought my front teeth should be “flat,” straight across to be perfect, but you explained this look made people appear older. You informed me that the best smiles had curves that followed the curve of a person’s lower lip. How do you create this type of smile?

Answer: Curved smiles are definitely more attractive than flat smiles. A curved smile is commonly referred to by dentists and orthodontists practicing micro esthetics as, “Smile Arc Protection” (SAP).  Part of the SAP process is making a person’s smile wider by eliminating, or reducing, dark corridors between a person’s teeth and cheek. Also part of the SAP process is creating a better ratio of visible teeth when smiling. Too little tooth exposure makes one look old, while too much gum exposure makes one look “gummy.” I make sure all of my patients know there is more to a smile than just straight teeth. Visit for more information on what I can do for you.