Why I use traditional braces in Farmington, NM

Posted on August 14, 2016

Question: I notice the smiles on your patients look so much wider and more attractive than the smile I got from traditional braces. Why?

 Answer: Most orthodontist concentrate on straightening teeth and fixing a patient’s bite. Orthodontists like me who are using the H-4 System of braces want to create wide smiles that compliment a person’s face, as well as straightening their teeth and fixing their bite at the same time. I also want to accomplish this without having to remove any teeth. To accomplish that “wow” smile, a person’s smile should stretch from molar to molar and not just display the six front teeth. It is easy to compare my patient smiles from others. Visit www.Herman4Braces.com to see the smiles I have created and find how easy it will be for me to accomplish this for you.