Why Orthodontics Isn’t Something You Should Skimp On

Posted on March 24, 2020

Why Orthodontics Isn’t Something You Should Skimp On

Some people don’t like the idea of going to the orthodontist. But for some, this aversion to orthodontics is more due to misconceptions than actual issues with orthodontists themselves. They might understand the importance of visiting a dental office, but they mistakenly believe that orthodontic care is purely about correcting aesthetic issues.

Although everyone wants a great smile, and there are certainly benefits to having an appealing grin, lots of patients balk at the idea of paying for care that they believe is going to be superficial. Therefore, they either neglect visiting the orthodontist altogether or they visit a subpar orthodontist and receive poor care.

The fact is that there are a number of advantages to carefully selecting an orthodontist based on their work and their reputation, rather than the specific deals they have to offer. Your teeth shouldn’t be treated as if they can be maintained cheaply. While you can replace a ruined pair of shoes with affordable knockoffs, your teeth are permanent. You don’t want to leave their well-being up to chance.

Below, we’re going to look into some of the consequences of putting off dental care due to cost or to selecting an orthodontist based purely on the bottom line. If you mistakenly go to an orthodontist you can’t trust, you may very well end up dealing with the results of your treatment for the long term — and paying more for it later.

Can’t I Just Skip Braces?

When people think of “purely cosmetic” orthodontic care, they’re often referring to braces. Braces were once considered something of a rite of passage for most kids. However, lots of parents are choosing to skip them because they believe that they’re a want, rather than a need. It’s true that one of the main reasons why people elect to have their children wear braces is the aesthetic benefits. Braces correct crooked teeth, shifting them over time until the wearer has a much straighter smile.

However, another common reason for braces behind aesthetic is an overbite. When a person has an overbite, their teeth can protrude to a degree that it attracts negative attention and even more serious dental problems in the future. Braces are sometimes also recommended at times to treat more serious dental issues. At times, they are used in conjunction with dental surgery, with the teeth first being moved through braces in preparation for more serious corrective procedures. Keep in mind that braces aren’t merely for looks — though feeling confident in your smile should be important enough to warrant this decision.

What Happens If I Forego Corrective Procedures As A Child?

We don’t always have a choice regarding the types of dental or orthodontics procedures we undergo; when we’re children, we may have to go along with our parents’ choices. Older teens may actively work to convince their parents to decide against certain dental procedures.

However, there are consequences that follow foregoing dental procedures. For example, adults who don’t have braces in childhood often choose to get them as adults. As an adult, you have to handle the costs of dental procedures yourself. Additionally, a lot of dental issues get worse with age, causing not only aesthetic problems but real pain. Sometimes, adults even experience difficulties chewing or breathing due to problems that could have been corrected years ago. That being said, if you go to the right dentist, you can make up for a lot of decisions made by your parents.

Why Shouldn’t I Pursue Cheap Dentistry or Orthodontics?

Whether you’re dealing with long-ignored issues or a recent problem, your goal when searching for a dentist should not be saving money. Rather, you need to prioritize your care and health, working to find the best possible specialist in the types of dental problems you want corrected. The fact is that if you choose second-rate care, you could end up with even more problems than what you started out with. This will result in you spending money on corrective procedures down the road.

You need to view dental care as a long-term investment. The dentist you choose will have a permanent effect on both your smile and your overall health, and you don’t want to be stuck with the results of shoddy work because you wanted to save money in the moment.

Think about quality care versus cheap care. Keep in mind that many dentists will work with you to make costs — and quality dental care — manageable for you. At Four Corners Orthodontics and Dental, we offer payment plans to help you afford the cost of treatment. We also accept many insurance plans. If you’re in need of orthodontic care but are concerned about the cost, give our office a call today. We can discuss what options may be available to you.