5 Questions to Ask at Your Child’s First Dental Service Appointment

Posted on January 12, 2023

Your child’s first dental service appointment is a great time to get your questions answered. Asking the right questions can help you to improve your child’s dental health at home. Here are five questions you should ask at your child’s first dental service visit.

What Are Some Foods To Avoid To Prevent Cavities?

Nutrition is essential in a cavity prevention plan. Many foods and drinks have a lot of hidden sugars that can negatively affect dental health. Ask your dentist or the dental hygienist what foods your child should avoid to prevent cavities. You may be surprised by the answer.

What Type of Toothpaste/Toothbrush is Best?

There are a lot of different kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes on the market. The sheer number of options can make it a challenge to decide which one is the right one. Your child’s dentist or dental hygienist can make recommendations. Having the right tools on hand for your child is important. Ask about which options are best.

Are the Teeth Coming In Properly?

Ask your dentist if there are any problems with tooth placement. If you or your child’s other parent wore braces as a child, there is a good chance that your child will also wear braces. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child sees an orthodontist by age seven if there are orthodontic problems. Ask your dentist if they notice any problems.

What Type of Preventive Treatments Do You Recommend?

Preventive treatments like fluoride treatments and sealants can help to prevent cavities. Ask the dentist if they offer any of these preventive services. Most dental services focus on prevention and will partner with you. They may offer tips and tricks that you can use to help keep your child’s dental health in great condition.

Can You Give Me Brushing and Flossing Tips for My Child?

You can ask the dentist or the dental hygienist during your child’s dental service to share tips about brushing and flossing. You can also ask if they can demonstrate the proper technique. It can help to learn about proper brushing and flossing techniques on your child’s behalf, especially if they are too young to do it themselves.

Your child’s dental service visit can be a visit chockful of useful information. Make your appointment with Four Corners Orthodontics & Dental today and bring good questions!