Maximize the Effects of Your Orthodontic Treatment with These Great Tips

Metal braces are one of the most convenient orthodontic treatment to enhance an uneven smile and reveal the straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of. They can correct multiple dental imperfections and make an overall stunning and dramatic difference. After all, Dr. Herman is the orthodontist known for results in the Four Corners area.

However, braces don’t do 100% of the work for you. You also must do your part and make sure your braces are taken care of properly. To learn how to maximize the effects of your metal braces for the best results, read on.

1. Visit Your Orthodontist Often

When wearing your braces, make sure to attend all of your scheduled appointments with your qualified orthodontist. You will need to see them every four to eight weeks depending on what Dr. Herman deems necessary for your case. With these scheduled appointments, he can track your progress and replace the wires if need be.

2. Know Who to Visit: Orthodontic Treatment Versus the Dentist

While your dentist can also ensure you have a clean and healthy mouth, an orthodontist is the one who specializes in the actual alignment of your smile. Therefore, make sure you are visiting a qualified orthodontist when inquiring about braces. One important thing to ask is to see before and after photos so you can evaluate their results.

3. Know When and How to Clean Them

Use a soft bristle brush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to brush your mouth and braces free from gunk and germs. Don’t forget to brush the cheeks, gums, and tongue for fresh breath. If you have food in your braces from earlier in the day, use an interdental brush. Luckily, with the Pitts 21 system of braces, no rubber bands are used. This supports better hygiene since plaque has fewer spaces to accumulate in.

While brushing with metal braces can be difficult at times, don’t let this become an excuse to skip this crucial habit. Cater your dental routine to your specific needs to see the best results while wearing braces. For example, if you’re prone to cavities, make sure to use a toothpaste with fluoride to keep your teeth healthy. Toothpaste isn’t one-size-fits-all, so if you want your treatment to work properly, you need to pay close attention to these details.

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