Staff Retention

Question: My son’s orthodontist was the discount guy, and I always saw new staff in the office. It made his care frustrating. After two years of bringing my younger son to your office, it has been the same staff every time. Why do you have better staff retention than the other doctor? Answer: I have … Continued

Transfer Patients

Question: You seem to take in a lot of transfer patients. Where do most of them come from? Answer: Overwhelmingly, most of my transfer patients come from the discount orthodontist who has multiple offices. These patients are unhappy with the services and/or the results. This dissatisfaction fits into four areas: financial arrangement disputes, rude staff, … Continued

Discount Orthodontics

Question: The discount orthodontist in town is so much lower than any other orthodontist for 100 miles. Why is that? Answer: There are reasons the discount orthodontist competes with rock bottom prices rather than results. You deserve better. If you compare the experience and trust level of the discount orthodontist to my office, the difference … Continued

Periodontal Disease and Orthodontics

Question: My dentist insists I should have my periodontal disease treated before I start treating my crooked teeth. You and your dentist informed me that the two problems are related, and it’s best to treat them at the same time. What is your plan based upon? Answer: Research shows periodontal disease is significantly more problematic … Continued

Impacted Canine Tooth

Question: My 9-year-old son’s dentist told me he has an impacted canine and that it might resorb the root of adjacent teeth. What causes a canine to become impacted and which teeth are at risk of resorption? Answer: If a canine is impacted (stuck) in the palate the cause is either genetics or an unknown … Continued

Gingival enlargement

Question: My 12-year-old daughter has braces and suffers from puffy gums. She brushes regularly and has clean teeth. Why does she still have gingivitis? Answer: Your daughter probably does not have gingivitis. Instead, she most likely has gingival enlargement, also called “gingival hyperplasia.” Gingival enlargement is found in adolescent and teenage patients undergoing orthodontic treatment … Continued

The Difference in Orthodontists

Question: My dentist sent me to an orthodontist who wanted to extract teeth or use a palatal expander to correct my daughter’s crowding. He said treatment would take 2 1/2 years. My daughter just finished treatment with you, and her smile looks fantastic. There were no extractions, no palatal expander, and treatment lasted 20 months. … Continued

Customer Service

Question: Your office is known for great customer service. How do you accomplish this at such a consistent level? Answer: My staff and I take providing outstanding customer service very seriously. We have minimal staff turn-over, which has allowed us to develop a team with advanced customer service skills. My staff is aware that our … Continued

Gum Recession

Question: Do braces cause gum recession? Answer: A recent study concluded they do not. However, there are other factors to consider. If a tooth is impacted (stuck in the bone under the gums) or severely out of position, it is difficult to predict how the bone will respond to tooth movement. By far, the main … Continued

Patient Transformations

Question: I was using Facebook to look for an orthodontist and saw the before and after patient photos on your page. The transformations are extraordinary! I noticed most of the orthodontists in our area don’t highlight patient results on their pages. The only practice beside yours that had before and after photos had pretty average … Continued